LAST UPDATED October 4th 2016

Preacher-blu-ray-cover-season-1Awesome news today folks: Preacher Season 1 is now available for pre-order on


*Update 08/24/16: Today Amazon added their exclusive Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray to their website. Looks like this special edition Blu-ray comes with an extra disc loaded with four new features. From the Amazon product listing (Linked above and on the side bar):

  • Pilot Table Table Read: I am assuming this is not a featurette, and rather the entire table read. I would buy this edition for this alone. I would love to see how the cast interacted for the first time. I’m sure it was a blast for everyone there. As they say, to be a fly on the wall… now we can be!
  • The Costumes of Preacher: This featurette (as you might guess) takes you into the world of costume design for the show. In particular, I’d be interested to see how they went about making, procuring, and designing the clothes for the Saint of Killers scenes in 1881.
  • The Prosthetics of Preacher: Severed limb anyone? A look on how they made the prosthetics for the show.
  • Calling God: I’m really looking forward to the table read, but this is likely to be my favorite feature on the bonus disc. This featurette will be all about how they created the big final scene of  the season.

So, pretty cool right? For the price, I’m picking up this edition for sure. Click on the link above or on the side bar to go to Amazon and check out this epic blu-ray edition.

*Update 07/27/16: Kevin Smith announced at Comic-Con that the Preacher Season One DVD and Blu-Ray is coming out October 4th/2016

As of right now, a release date has not been set, but you can pretty much bet your next ten pay checks that as soon as that information comes in that we will update this spot immediately. We’ll probably make this a sticky post since interest in this particular subject is sure to be high among us fans. This news comes a mere month and a half into the first season. We were expecting this a little later to be honest, perhaps not too long after the season finale, but hey, the earlier the better right?

The links to both the DVD and Blu-Ray are embedded above, check it out!

DVD and Blu-Ray Extras

*Update 07/29/16: IGN has posted the details regarding the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Preacher Season 1. You can read this article on it here. Summary below on what will be included…

  • Both DVD and Blu-Ray will come in 3 disc sets.
  • Deleted and extended scenes will be included.
  • A featurette called “The Unfilmable Pilot” which will focus on the how AMC finally brought the comic to the small screen.
  • A featurette called “The Stunts Of Preacher” (see video below)

  • The Blu-Ray will have a gag reel, the DVD will not
  • The Blu-Ray will also come with an additional two featurettes: “Chainsaw Fight Breakdown” and “Behind the Killing Machine: Saint of Killers”


Watch this spot in the future for news regarding the extras being made available via the DVD and Blu-Ray releases. We expect the deleted scenes to be pretty telling; it will be interesting to see what they cut from the season, I feel ten episodes is limited time to play in the world of Preacher, especially considering the depth of the story AMC decided to delve into this first season. We’d also love to see (might be a long shot) some behind the scenes footage of how the development team worked from the comic source material, and how the writing process for the show works. We are suckers for the writer’s room here at Welcome to Annville, having dabbled in fiction writing ourselves.

We are also hoping for an extra featuring all of the Saint of Killers scenes put together. His appearances are spread thin across the first season, so having them all strung together would only make sense. This would be a high demand extra from the fans I am thinking considering the popularity of the character.

What is Preacher?

Preacher tells the story of Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), a Preacher in Annville, Texas who comes back to the town he grew up in to preside over his father’s old church. Along side a drunken Irish vampire named Cassidy (Joe Gilgun), and his violence-prone ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga), Jesse tries to navigate the waters of his erratic and sinful congregation, doing everything he can to “save them”. When an unknown, super natural entity merges with Jesse, he discovers he has the ability to command people to the point that they will obey his words unconditionally, causing havoc and mayhem to ensue in the small town in more ways than one…