preacher-episode-3-the-possibilities-insideWell, that might not be the exact quote from AMC Preacher‘s new Season 1 Episode 3 “The Possibilities” preview, but hey, close enough right?

Over on the AMC official page, they have uploaded another set of sneak peek and trailer videos, much like they did for the last episode. It looks like this might be standard practice moving forward throughout the season, which is awesome. I find these previews give me just enough “next episode” Preacher material to chew on in-between viewings. Let’s have a look at what we’re in for this Sunday…

Episode 3 Sneak Peek

Looks like Tulip is meeting up to exchange that map she shoved a corn stalk down a guys throat to get. Apparently the document belongs to “Grail Industries”, which her trading partner obviously has no interest in discussing. In return, Tulip receives an slip of paper with the last known whereabouts of someone. Clearly, there is unfinished business here.

Since the last episode, there has been some talk (mostly among comic fans like myself) regarding Tulip’s scenes. Some feel she’s been a little too over the top thus far in the show. I think that we are simply seeing a different Tulip than the one we know from the comics, one who is more naturally aggressive, a self starter when it comes to cooking up trouble. This scene, however, shows a different side of the character. She’s obviously sorrowful/scared/distraught when she receives the paper. Looks like we’ll possibly be seeing another side of Tulip on Sunday, and maybe also get introduced to the skeletons in her closet.

Episode 3 Trailer

A lot going on for a short 30 second preview, let’s break it down in bullet form…

  • Terri Loach and Emily discuss her encounter with Jesse Custer. Terri says “He told me something would happen”. It looks like last weeks cliffhanger (“open your eyes”) definitely resolves in episode 3, but by the look on the mother’s face, all might not have gone well.
  •  DeBlanc and Fiore, somehow alive after being chopped to bits by Cassidy last week, stock up on guns, ammo and gear. They approach the church ready for war.
  • It appears that Jesse reveals his power to Cassidy, and demonstrates it by making his new pal “fly”.
  • Cassidy says “C’mon Preacher, imagine the possibilities here.” Looks like Cassidy is trying to coax Jesse using his power for something, and nothing good by the sounds of it.
  • Jesse yells angrily at Tulip “Go back to a life of crime!”, to which Tulip responds “This isn’t crime Preacher, this is justice. Someone’s got to pay.” She looks to be holding up the piece of paper that she traded the Grail Industries document for in the sneak peek.

So, what do you think? Any Easter eggs in here I’m missing?