amc-preacher-season-finale-episode-10-call-and-response-review-insideSeth Rogen and company certainly saved the best for last. The AMC Preacher season finale was everything I was hoping for and much, much more. There were some serious parts, some twists and turns, and even humor in the most unlikely of places. All and all, a spectacular finish that will leave old fans and new alike absolutely dying to delve into the far off second season.

We start off with Jesse Custer on the run. Sheriff Root is hunting him down over valid suspicions that he had something to do with Eugene Root‘s disappearance. In a twist that I had not seen coming, Donnie Schenck has a change of heart towards Jesse and takes him in to his house, helping him hide out. I honestly thought there was a showdown between Jesse and Donnie looming, but that particular theory couldn’t have been more wrong. Turns out Donnie sees Jesse now as a holy man in the most divine of ways.

We finally get our Carlos flashback in the finale, and now we know exactly what Tulip O’Hare has been so upset about. Her tagline “someones gotta pay” has been linked to the Carlos incident right from the beginning. As part of their team, Carlos hung Jesse and Tulip out to dry during a robbery out of spite and jealousy. We also learn Tulip lost her child during the incident, fueling her anger to maximum levels. In the end, after Tulip kidnapped their betrayer, they spare Carlos’ life (despite him taking a pretty bad beating), signifying to me a willingness between Jesse and Tulip to move on with their lives.

Everything from that point forward focuses in one way or another on God coming to Annville. There was such a build up to this moment that I didn’t know quite what to expect. We knew Jesse would be using the angel hand to dial on Fiore and DeBlanc’s “heaven phone”, but after that what happens was anybody’s guess. What we ended up getting is what you are seeing pictured in our first featured photo: God comes to Annville after all!

Except, well, he’s a little underwhelming isn’t he? He acts rather normal and isn’t quite sure of himself at times, something doesn’t seem quite right to me. Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy don’t seem to be buying it either. After Tulip gives “God” a piece of her mind, Jesse steps in and uses his power to get to the bottom of things. We learn then that God isn’t God at all, he’s an impostor, and that God is in fact missing from heaven.

amc-preacher-season-finale-episode-10-call-and-response-review-inside-2This is all working it’s way to aligning with the comics quite nicely at this point, which makes what happen next all the more awesome. We learn that the guy working the pressure gauge in multiple scenes across episodes this season is actually releasing pressure from the under ground gas buildup caused by cow manure. The pressure is primarily methane gas. When the worker is otherwise “indisposed”, the whole town blows up due to the excess pressure, a disater that leaves no survivors in the entire town. Lucky for Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy they are away at the Five Aces Diner outside of Annville when this happens. It is here they decide to go on a (you guessed it) road trip to find God. All of this is full on comic and confirms what some already suspected, that season one of Preacher is a type of prequel to the comics.

Make no mistake about it: the best thing about the finale is everyone in Annville dying. Does that make me sound like a really bad person? Probably. But you know what? That had to happen in order for the story to move forward in Season Two. Our main characters needed to leave everything behind to go on their road trip. Now the show can go pretty much anywhere, take from any story line in the comics, go somewhere else that we haven’t been yet. They couldn’t have done that if Annville still existed.

What a great season, the wait until Season Two will be so unbearably long. Huge shout goes out to everyone involved for putting this together, AMC, the actors, the executive team, everyone! Here’s to many more seasons after!

So what did you think of the Preacher season finale folks?