amc-preacher-season1-episode-2-review-insideAfter a long, two week hiatus, Sunday night finally brought Preacher Season One Episode Two. This was especially long for me as I’m now watching via a Google Play subscription, so I’ll be watching episodes the following day with other fans who have bought this first season from similar vendors. So to that point, episode reviews moving forward will almost always take place the day after the live airing.

I really thought Cassidy stole the show this week, delivering a bunch of lines that had me laughing out loud (the title of this blog post being among those). All round, the episode was definitely worth the wait. Let’s get  right to it…

The Opening Scene

While Cassidy get’s episode two top honors from me, this was by far my favorite scene in the show. After all that happened in the pilot episode, as if it all wasn’t enough to process, we come back first thing this week and are flung over a hundred years into the past right into the old wild west. Here we meet The Cowboy, played by one Graham McTavish, who looks to be looking over his wife and sick child. He’s given an errand by his lady who utters both “you must go” and “come back to us”. It’s such an beautifully shot sequence of events which was amplified in it’s effect by the amazing accompanying music and sound effects. The scene concludes with the cowboy riding under a tree, its branches filled with Indians who have been scalped and hung. He then enters the “Towne of Ratwater.”


I have my own reasons for picking the opening sequence as my favorite, but this next one will undoubtedly get the vote of the majority of other viewers. Cassidy catches Fiore and DeBlanc in process of attacking an unconscious Jesse with a chainsaw in his church. Sam Catlin promised us this show was going to get bloody, and this scene was certainly evidence of that. There is a video on the official AMC site pertaining to the making of this particular scene, we’ve linked it below…

Odin Enters The Picture

We finally get to see Jackie Earle Haley as Odin Quincannon, owner of the local meat factory. He looks to be buying couple’s house outright, which he then bulldozes right away. He is interested in the land for his operation it seems, which he discusses in detail with the couple. He goes on then to talk about different positions in his staff, at which point he trails off and loses focus in bizarre fashion.

Eugene A Murder?

One of the most interesting insights into a character this episode fell to the disfigured Eugene. First, Cassidy talks to Jesse and asks him what happened to Eugene to which Jesse say “Shotgun. Tried to kill himself.” Then right after this, as Eugene and his dad Hugo are leaving the church, someone calls out “murderer” behind their back. What happened here? I’m really hoping we get a flashback sequence. Ian Colletti really continues to impress in the role.

amc-preacher-season1-episode-2-review-inside-2Jesse’s Power

After Ted “opening his heart” last week, fans have been speculating on the details surrounding this power Jesse seems to have. This week, we had a trio of examples of Jesse issuing commands (which are identified by a heavy distortion and echo of his voice): he silences the dogs outside his church, tells Linus to forget the girl, and one last instance at the end which the outcome of remains to be seen. Does the girl in fact open her eyes? Someone needs to start a poll.

Tulip‘s Persistence

It seems that Tulip just won’t leave Jesse alone. They have obviously had a life of crime together in the past that Jesse is doing everything he can to stay away from. Tulip thinks Jesse returning to his bad ways is ultimately inevitable telling him that she has a big job planned and that eventually “He’s going to say yes.”

Does Anybody Die Around Here?

It’s worth noting that Cassidy took a pretty heavy gunshot blast, surely fatal under normal circumstances, and managed to heal ala Marvel’s Wolverine. After he massacred DeBlanc and Fiore and cut them up into pieces, they also somehow come back unharmed and unscathed, and end up being questioned by Sheriff Root, although I’m not sure why. Seems like a routine questioning because they are new in town perhaps? They say they are from the government. I’m not entirely convinced myself.

All and all, a very entertaining episode, really looking forward to seeing what happens next. On that note, it’s only a week’s wait this time folks! Next episode airs June 12th.