amc-preacher-theory-speculation-who-we-think-will-die-insideBecause you just know that not everyone is getting out of Preacher Season 1 alive, not by a long shot…

The Pajiba piece on how the series might end really got me thinking about what we might see in the waning hours of season one. To this point, I have been content: content to let the episodes roll, content in knowing that I know nothing, content to let this unpredictable new plot mosey along. I have mentioned that this has been one of the awesome things about the first season for me personally as a comic fan, that I have no idea what will happen next. The Pajiba article kind of flipped this particular line of blissfully ignorant thinking on its head with this one, simple high level theory: season one is a prequel to the comics.

Now I understand that the characters themselves aren’t the same as the comics, that their backstories aren’t the same, that, heck, even how they are introduced into the TV show isn’t the same. But despite complete deviation from the source material, where the TV show is going becomes more clear and has the potential to align closer to the comics if we are in fact watching a loose prequel of sorts to the main comic story line.

(This is the second SPOILER warning for this post, anything beyond this point may seriously give away both significant comic plot details and whats left to come in season one…)

We all know that the Annville church blows up during one of Jesse’s sermons at the very beginning of the preacher comics and everyone inside is killed save Jesse himself. From Sam Catlin’s AMA just prior to the pilot airing…


The prequel thing suddenly seems very plausible, doesn’t it? So if the church blows up and we start getting into some of the “road trip” comic subplots starting in season two (much to the relief of more than a few comic fans I would think), who dies in that church in the season finale?

Assuming that the “season one is a prequel” theory is solid, here’s who we think won’t make it to season two…

Emily Woodrow

I had questioned her inclusion in the show early on, not knowing how she would fit into the dynamic of the main trio. Regardless of if the church blows up, or if season one is indeed a prequel, we know that the show is leaving Annville and going on the road sooner rather than later. This being the case, there is absolutely no room for Emily in any scenario moving forward. Even now, among Cassidy, Tulip O’Hare and Jesse Custer, she doesn’t seem like she fits in at all, she’s always out of place in my opinion. Expect Emily to be diligently plying her trade at her organ if the church goes kaboom!

Sheriff Hugo Root

W. Earl Brown’s Sheriff Root is absolutely nothing like his miserable, awful comic counterpart, but I think their ends will have to come at about the same time. One of the things about Arseface is that, like the comics, he has to break free, do his own thing, write his own story, and he can’t do that under his father’s shadow. Whether or not Arseface’s future story line aligns with the comic remains to be seen, but I don’t see him kicking the bucket any time soon. Hugo on the other hand? I’m thinking he’ll be gunned down in a blaze of glory in the season finale, and if I’m right, I think I know exactly who will be doing the shooting (he’ll have enough gun, trust me)…

Fiore and DeBlanc

The pair of angels have won over a lot of fans with their recent performances, but their longevity is in question. Once things shake out in Annville, their usefulness plot-wise is definitely suspect. While they may find fortune on earth later on in the comic, I can’t see them reappearing down the road in the show. I envision an epic angel battle royal at the end of season one, with Fiore and DeBlanc among the casualties.

Odin Quincannon

The character was pulled into the beginning of the TV show despite making his first appearance in the last half of the comics. We know how Odin meets his end in the comics, how could we forget? Expect something similar (hopefully exactly the same) to take place when Odin bites it in episode 10. Let’s face it: only one of Jesse or Odin can come out of season one alive, and we know Dominic Cooper is going no where.

Donnie Schenck

Odin Quincannon’s right hand man is horrified by what Jesse can do with his power, and ultimately is unlikely to stand by an allow him to abuse it. We went over how we think Donnie will meet his end this season right here.

So what do you think Folks? Agree? Disagree? Who do you think will meet their end at the end of season one?

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