The warning tag in the title might not matter in this case. This little tidbit is going to be pretty hard for fans to avoid until May 22nd, chances are you’ve seen it already, but if you intend on going into the pilot completely green and have thus far been successful, then go no further, there be spoilers below.

Tom Cruise AMC Preacher Pilot

Lots of Buzz coming out of the SXSW premier regarding a left field cameo appearance by none other than Tom Cruise himself. Apparently, Cruise, of all things, appears in the AMC Preacher pilot as a preacher of a different faith, perhaps even as a Scientologist. It is sounding like the showrunners have mashed up the infamous Genesis merging with Jesse scene so that our favorite all-powerful offspring of angel and demon penetrates preachers all around the world (I know, but I’m too lazy to go back and edit it). Genesis then proceeds to blow them all to smithereens from the inside out, Mr. Cruise’s character included.

At first, this comes across as a different take on the same inciting incident from issue #1, the show differing by having Genesis probe and evaluate its options, looking for the right host before settling into Jesse. But who’s to say that didn’t actually happen and Ennis simply didn’t include the scene in the debut issue? Perhaps there will be some discussion amongst diehard fans as to whether or not this is indeed the case, but there will definitely be discussion on a wider scale of Tom Cruise’s preacher man kicking the bucket in explosive fashion.

I can see the memes already, can’t you? And oh, how about the animated GIFs that are sure to pop up? There’s Tom, just a dancin’ away on Opera’s couch when (you guessed it)… BOOM!

Obviously, this has great potential on social media. This cameo is sure to increase viewership of the pilot, so that’s a big plus. Anything that will get more people to watch and support the show is a plus. What I wouldn’t want is for people to tune in to see “Tom Cruise getting blown up on some TV show”, and then tune back out after it’s done. I’m not sure exactly when the scene in question will play out, but if it follows the first issue timeline, then everything should go kablooey somewhere around the middle of the episode. If that’s the case, then a lot should take place to hook the impulse viewers that may not have tuned in the show otherwise. It’s all good to stir up some viral mayhem, but we want those people to stick around as well.

If there’s one thing “The Edge of Tomorrow” proved, it’s that watching Tom Cruise’s characters die gets old kind of quick. But blowing up as a holy man? It’s far too ironic, and should be good for an extended laugh. Hopefully the show can get some solid buzz out of it when the pilot airs.