I know what you are thinking fellow AMC Preacher fans: In a season with so many amazing moments and characters, how can you possibly pick just a top five? If that is in fact what you are thinking, then well, you are kind of right on that account. The truth is that this list could change a million times depending on the day, what episode you happen to be re-watching, or any other number of factors. When the Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray comes out on October 4th, you can bet I’ll be watching all 10 episodes over and over, and during the course of my binge watching, I’m sure to have a new favorite Preacher moments from one day to the next.

Still, if I had to narrow it down, I would say, after much self deliberation, that the below would make up my Top 5 moments in Preacher Season 1 on most days. In descending order, working towards my favorite:

5. Epic Cassidy/Fiore/DeBlanc Chainsaw Fight (Episode 2 “See”)

I was thinking of slotting either the Cassidy plane fight scene (our front page article photo) or Tulip O’Hare‘s corn field car fight from the pilot episode here, both of which were amazing, but ultimately this over-the-top violent exchange won out. I absolutely love how Cassidy chews out Fiore and DeBlanc before the mayhem begins. Blood, body parts flying, non-strop action for a good two minutes, whats not to love?

4. “Go To Hell Eugene!” (Episode 6 “Sundowner”)

In truly stunning fashion, in a moment that I’m pretty sure no one (Comic and AMC fans alike) saw coming, Jesse Custer accidentally sends Eugene Root to Hell. This was the moment, right around the halfway point of the season, where the show kind of got flipped on its head. What did this mean moving forward? How would this impact what was to come? There was public outrage on social media to: how could Jesse do this, even by accident, to one of the shows most beloved characters? This moment spurred so many questions and emotions, really setting the stage for the final 4 episodes.

3. Crazy Long Hotel Fight (Episode 6 “Sundowner”)

The sixth episode was pretty epic all around, and not only because of the shocking “Eugene gets sent to Hell” scene. “Sundowner” also provided the best fight in the entire series in my opinion. What went down at the Sundowner Motel between the Angels and Jesse has been regarded by some as one of the craziest scenes in recent TV history. That’s pretty good company when you think of all the great jaw dropping moments that there have been in TV’s modern drama area. That being said, there is no question that this fight (which saw the Angels die and regenerate countless times) is up there with the best of them.

2. The Saint of Killers In Hell (Episode 9 “Finish The Song”)

Many are sure to argue that the Saint of Killers massacring everyone in the salon was easily the best scene in the entire season, and this is totally understandable. For me though, as far as moments go, the Saint of Killers drawing his guns on Fiore and DeBlanc and the word “HELL” flashing up on the screen the way it did… no scene in the entire season gave me a chill the way this did. Totally and completely epic!

1. Until The End Of The World (Season Finale “Call And Response”)


This moment here screen-capped above was absolutely number 1 for me… and no different day, or mood, or anything, could change that. This places Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy right outside the iconic Five Aces Diner, right where the comics begin, thus confirming that Season 1 was in fact a prequel of sorts, and that our trio will be heading out on their road trip to find God starting with Season 2. Best. Ending. Ever!

So folks, what were your favorite moments of Season 1?

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