amc-preacher-episode-6-sundowner-review-inside1You wanted answers Preacher fans, you wanted action, you wanted all the various plot points to start tying in together… well folks, you got all three of those covered and then some on Sunday. 

In what I considered to be a must-win episode, with a bunch of new eyes on the series, Preacher came out swinging right from the very beginning of episode 6 and did not miss. Regarding ratings, they should be available sometime tomorrow for sure, and it will be interesting to see how many people ended up taking in Sundowner. I logged on to Twitter while the episode was airing (even though I didn’t watch it until the next day) only to discover #Preacher was trending. It was the first time I have personally seen this happen this season; Sunday nights to this point, needless to say, have been dominated on social media by Game of Thrones. Awesome right? I am expecting the numbers to be pretty high. Cross your fingers.

So yeah, back to Preacher coming out swinging…

There were two scenes in this weeks episode that are drawing all kinds of buzz, and the first of those, as had been hyped prior to airing by a couple different sources, took place right at the beginning…

The motel fight scene was completely epic in every aspect, hilarious in its execution, and served an additional purpose by clarifying significant plot details. Fiore and DeBlanc, our newly revealed angels, finally confront Jesse and tell him that his power, named Genesis, is the offspring of an angel and demon. The trio are confronted eventually by another angel, this one not all that nice, which leads to a battle between the four of them (eventually Cassidy joins in too). Because the angels regenerate into new bodies when they they die on earth, the bodies/casualties end up piling up in almost ludicrous fashion. The run-time on this fight is almost 4 minutes; not a great score if your running the 100 meter dash, but that’s a ridiculous long time as far as TV fights go. Like I said, totally epic.

Anatol Yusef was absolutely lights out in this episode, serving up my favorite one-liner in the series so far:

Jesse: “So you’re saying this Genesis is some sort of angel demon … baby?”

DeBlanc: “If by baby you mean the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that could shift the balance of power, threaten all creation, then yeah, it’s a baby.”

The second scene that everyone’s talking about, (which incidentally will be the topic of tomorrow’s blog entry), involved fan favorite Eugene aka Arseface. Need a refresher? Go on then, grab yourselves some tissues, here you go…

As if things weren’t bad enough for poor Eugene already. The public outcry pertaining to his apparent banishment to hell was significant to say the least. People absolutely love this character, and Ian Colletti continues to do an amazing job of making the viewership unconditionally sympathetic toward Eugene. So, what will happen now? I have absolutely no idea. I mean, for Jesse to make make this right, he has to go after Eugene. Does that mean we could possibly have a scene in hell coming up? That’s something I never thought we’d see in Preacher Season 1. This is surely the series’ first edge of your seat cliffhanger moment, hopefully the first of many.

There was no Cowboy this week, nor Odin, but that aside, Preacher absolutely killed it, impressing fans both old and new. So, what’s your take on episode 6 folks?