What’s that you say? I’m getting way ahead of myself? Don’t I know that Preacher is still well over a month from debuting on AMC? You might be thinking we simply don’t have the rating info AMC would need to justify renewal. Besides, who’s actually thinking about season two? We hardly know the first thing about season one!

You know, I would have agreed with you 100% yesterday. I wouldn’t have even thought of posting this topic before breakfast today. But then, over my morning coffee, I read this piece on Variety discussing Cinemax OutcastRobert Kirkman’s new series “Outcast” which is set to debut on Cinemax early this summer. For the few that don’t know, Kirkman is the guy behind “The Walking Dead” series of graphic novels that AMC turned into a mega franchise.

Cinemax’s Outcast and AMC’s Preacher TV Series have a lot in common with one another: both are based on graphic novels, both are debuting in a couple months (give or take), both aired pilots at SXSW, and both works are incredibly dark thematically. Also, both shows were received very well when screened, and why not? It’s what works, it’s the type of drama people want to see these days. Having been written by two of the best in the business respectively (another thing in common), all signs point to both Outcast and Preacher doing very well in today’s TV market.

Well, Cinemax apparently wholeheartedly agrees with me as they have announced that they have renewed Outcast for season two ahead of it’s June series premier. Talk about having complete confidence in one of your properties. Wow.

This might not be news to many readers, the article is about two weeks old after all, but this is an attention grabber for us Preacher diehards, and a development that will have many us asking ourselves the obvious question.

At what point will AMC make the decision to renew, if at all?

The “if at all” at the end there is more of a formality, I have no doubt we are getting more than one season of Preacher. But you know what they say about counting chickens. We know how much amazing content is coming further down the road, all the awesome subplots and story lines that AMC can pull in. We are going to need multiple seasons to see the majority of it coalesce. For one, I would love to see Arseface’s story unfold should they keep the details similar to the graphic novel. How awesome would that be? Herr Starr, the Grail? Amazing arc, but a little further on in the story as well. We are going to need seasons to get it all done.

How about it? When can we expect this announcement? Earlier, or are we going to be biting our nails going down to the wire?