amc-preacher-dominic-cooper-the-libertine-insideMissing Jesse Custer since Preacher ended? I’m sure there are more than a few fans out there who do. Here’s one way you can scratch that particular itch, depending upon where you live in this great, wide world of ours…

Most of us in need of a Dominic Cooper fix will likely look to some of his existing works. I have never been a car racing movie type guy (I have never seen any of the Fast and Furious movies if you can believe it), but I have “Need For Speed” cued up for some time in the next few months for no other reason than this: I want to see what Dominic Cooper is about outside of Preacher. I have November 4th circled on my calendar for a similar reason. That’s the day Ruth Negga‘s Oscar-Buzz movie “Loving” hits theaters. Regardless of whether “Loving” is a wide or limited release, I am going to find a way to watch that film on opening weekend no matter what. Honestly, I could go on about how amazing Ruth Negga is and literally take up this whole blog post, but hey, this one’s about Dominic (who is no slouch himself, don’t get me wrong), so as I was saying…

If you live in England you might have a better way to get your Dominic Cooper fix than the rest of us. Dominic Cooper is staring in the stage play “The Libertine” as I type this. The play (about the Earl of Rochester’s shenanigans about London in the 1600’s) is playing at the Bath Theatre Royal in Bath, England until September 17th and then in London at Theatre Royal Haymarket from September 22nd to December 3rd. I have no idea on ticket availability, but it’s a pretty decent run in terms of length, so it’s worth a shot to try and look it up if you are anywhere close to either of these venues. Press release on the show and official site can be found in the links below:

Broadway World The Libertine Article

The Official Libertine Page 

I myself love theater, although find it somewhat pricey at times. At 24 pounds starting, this is a pretty reasonable rate I’m sure you will agree. If anyone has seen the show, please let us know how it went in the comments below!

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