It’s a little difficult to put my trust into the media prior to this show actually debuting, and I have good reason for that. I saw an article the other day from a seriously reputable outlet that described Tulip as Jesse Custer‘s, and I quote, “beer-guzzling vampire ex-girlfriend”. I know we are deviating from the source material here, but come on people. Clearly, the writer wasn’t familiar with the material to any degree and went on to write the piece anyway. There’s little enough info on the TV series as is, and us fans are scrapping for as much info as we can get; print errors that significant have a tendency to sting. After reading this particular piece, I was left wondering if like outlets have written their own Preacher articles with comparable inaccuracies. How much of what we know is truly Ironclad?

Lucy Griffiths Emily AMC Preacher

This is what I was thinking, not ten seconds later, when I came across a line in the exact same article describing True Blood alum Lucy Griffiths character in the show, Emily, as “Jesse’s right hand”.  What? That just simply doesn’t fit. Much like the Tulip/Cassidy mix up, I paid no mind. Just inaccurate reporting right? Right.

So who then is Emily? She’s not a character in the graphic novel, that’s for sure. A quick Google provided a series of results that reportthe same information. The exact same information. All of them from around April 2015 with the exact same text:

church organist, bookkeeper and Jesse’s loyal right hand.”

Where did this originate? Was it one report that snowballed? What to believe?

The problem is this. I understand the TV show is going to differ from the graphic novels, but I am not sure how you could successfully introduce a character in this capacity. I feel that the relationships formed between Jess, Tulip and Cassidy are the foundation upon which the graphic novels were written. Their dependence and trust in one another is one of the series’ main themes. Bringing a fourth character into this particular mix, and you’d have to believe that creating a “right hand” for Jesse would be doing just that, and you’d be messing with the trio’s dynamic, and in turn, messing with the heart of the series.

It’s not that I don’t think it could work, but I think it would be tough. Real tough.  But again, I don’t even know if the story’s accurate.  Anyway, how would you feel about this character entering as a fourth wheel? Is there room for one more?

tulip and friend preacher comic panel

Could she be Tulip’s friend?