Alright! AMC released another 20 second Preacher teaser trailer today as the premier date of May 22nd continues to loom ever closer. The teaser before this one was released about three weeks ago, and that awesome extended Tulip clip was uploaded ten days back, so it looks like we’re getting fresh video content right now at a fairly consistent pace.

Have a look at the latest, that’s it below…

First impression is, of course, this is awesome. We get to see some pretty cool stuff, there are some shots here that we haven’t seen before. That being said, this all looks like pilot footage, extended looks at scenes we are vaguely familiar with already (Tulip’s car fight, Cassidy on the Plane, etc.), so in this way, we really aren’t being granted any additional sneak peeks into AMC’s Preacher world.

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot to like though. Let’s analyze shall we? (it’s what we do here)

1) The Fixing Of The Collar


Kind of a visual oxymoron, our favorite preacher Jesse Custer fixing himself up nice before going off to take care of business, and not the kind of business the church would approve of.

2) The Church Sign


Of all the footage in this teaser trailer, this was the shot that interested me the most. Here’s Jesse on his way to his work, passing by the church road sign. What I want to know it this: what is the deal with the red letters? They mean something, no question; this has to be some kind of Easter egg. ULO? As in maybe “you’re low”, reflecting the parishioners of the town? Long shot, I know. Any other guesses from you code breakers out there?

3) Men of Business


Looks like DeBlanc and Fiore out and about their business. They both are in the season for all ten episodes according to IMDB. I am interested to see how they play into the plot and how far it strays from the comic books.

4) Tulip Taking Care Of Business


Well, I guess this answers Michael Papajohn’s question below. His character looks to have indeed kicked the bucket. Should have known better than to cross Tulip O’Hare.

5) Jaysis, I Love Flyin’


The plane scene thus far has a lot of people pumped. Apparently, this happens right at the beginning of the pilot. Man, he looks like he’s having a good time, doesn’t he? This scene will no doubt establish Joe Gilgun’s Cassidy character nice and early and really grab the attention of new viewers in the process.

6) Screaming And Fleeing Church Folk


Looks like something crazy has just gone down: people fleeing, blood all over their shirts, cries of anguish… could this be the new take on Genesis’ arrival that we’ve been hearing about? I am thinking this might very well be the case.

7) Jesse Being Jesse


Nothing all that remarkable here. I would expect to see a lot of this over the course of the season from Jesse Custer.

8) Cross Falling


A pretty symbolic way to end the trailer, cleverly foreshadowing things yet to come.

Not too bad, although I admit at this point I would like to see a more diverse range of footage. What do you think about AMC’s latest Preacher teaser trailer?