So tell me Minneapolis…


Your pretty well I would imagine if you are one of the lucky fans who snagged a ticket for tonight’s inaugural AMC Preacher pilot pop-up screening. I am hoping that there will be numerous reports on Twitter tonight following the viewing. We have heard a lot from critics and media outlets regarding the pilot, it will be nice to hear from multiple fans regarding their thoughts on the first episode.

Remember folks, the last announcement regarding the winning city was made last Sunday at about 10am eastern. So tomorrow, it might be a good idea to check in around that time in case they make the announcement for the second screening at the same time this week. Also, I know of at least one fan who got a ticket for the Minnesota screening at least a full day after the announcement was made last Sunday. That tells me that there might not be a ton of eyes on this right now and that your chances of obtaining tickets, even though they are free, might actually be pretty good.

On the promo side of things, we have had more new stuff released. AMC posted a new Preacher trailer yesterday, along with a couple of new photos. Not a whole lot different in the new trailer, but we did get a couple of cool new looks. Here is the trailer itself followed by some notable screen caps…

Tulip’s Homemade Bazooka


Apparently, AMC Preacher’s Tulip has a talent for engineering her own military grade firearms. Wonder what she plans to do with it? Can’t wait to find out.

Daryl Dixon with Cassidy in his sights?


Here’s a new look at an old scene. We know things go down on the plane. Safe to say we are at the point now where we could probably piece together what roughly happens during this sequence. That being said, check out the guy with the crossbow in the back. Never noticed that before. What kind of a flight is this? Joe Gilgun looks like an awesome Cassidy.

Arseface Gets A Visit


Looks like Jesse Custer paying Arseface a visit. Prior photos have suggested that these two will be close early on, but this screen shot of Jesse in the the Root home leads to another question: what will Jesse and Sheriff Hugo Root’s relationship be like in the series? Because there is no way in hell the Sheriff would let Jesse into his house in the comic.

The Annville Church


Could very well be Jesse’s church here, and the “good” citizens of Annville piling in.

Flying Preacher


Doesn’t look like much of a screen cap? Go back and check out the trailer again, this one is quick and easy to miss. It looks as though Jesse’s been struck by someone or something, and struck hard. He’s flying backward in this shot from the force of the blow.

New Photos

Also released, check out the two new photos, one of Jesse and Hugo Root (looks like our preacher has been pulled over), and Fiore andf DeBlanc looking as serious as ever…