preacher-amc-comic-cover-steve-dillonReally awesome news for AMC Preacher fans via Newsarama last night. Original Preacher artist Steve Dillon has drawn a new comic cover depicting Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy in the likeness of their corresponding TV actors.

Apparently the cover is for a reprint of Preacher #1 which AMC and DC will jointly be sending to comic stores for free as a sort of promotion leading up to the show. According to the article, the issues will be shipped out based upon orders of Sandman Overture #1. So I guess if your local comic book shop buys a ton of Neil Gaiman, there may be a better chance of you getting your hands on one of these. That’s not to say you’ll have a good chance, just a better chance. I myself am hoping they are planning on printing a lot of these suckers because they ain’t going to last, that’s for sure.

They are being sent to the comic shop at no charge, and by the looks of the big ass “Free” text under the Preacher logo on the right side of the cover, the customer isn’t going to have to pay anything either. That will make it even harder to get a copy of this special edition issue. These things are going to fly off of the shelves as soon as they come in.

I’m going into my local comic retailer tomorrow to discuss this and hopefully put some kind of hold on one of these issues. I’m doing this under the assumption that they will be eventually getting some in. It might be too early to tell. As I type this, there are only a couple media outlets reporting on this news, and details are scarce at best. There is still the geographical factor to consider, meaning whether or not they will distribute the special edition comic where you live. Welcome to Annville, operates outside of the USA, so if this is an America only thing, our team here might be completely out of luck.

Jaysis, would that ever suck.

We are going to keep tabs on this as the story develops, including projected timelines and issue availability. As for the cover itself, my tweet below sums up my feelings. What I wouldn’t give to see a Steve Dillion drawn Ian Colletti Arseface too.