amc-preacher-episode-5-south-will-rise-again-insideTonight marks the halfway point exactly of Preacher Season One, and boy oh boy, are expectations ever high. There has been a lot build up to this point, and there are a lot of signs pointing towards a big mid-season finale. It looks like Preacher is going toe to toe with the Game of Thrones season finale, so things are sure to be tough rating wise this week, but with the big dog out of the way after Sunday, there should be more eyes on the town of Annville than ever before moving forward.

Traditionally mid-season finales end with a big bang, so we should expect no different tonight. To summarize, it should be a seriously epic episode. Folks, I’m so pumped its not even funny, and I’m sure most of you reading this feel exactly the same.

Some good news to  start! Graham McTavish has confirmed via Twitter that his character “The Cowboy” will be in the episode tonight, and then just a few minutes after that…

So it looks like we will be seeing The Cowboy for every episode from here on in. That’s amazing news, I can’t wait to see his story arc play out on screen.

In the picture up there you can see Eugene Root talking with Jesse. It will be interesting to see his story develops further. Last we let off he was discussing visiting Tracy Loach with his father, to which the Sheriff said absolutely not, and the he was like to get himself killed if he did so. We may very well finally find out what happened here this week. I would absolutely love a flashback, and hope AMC approached it this way. I’d like to live this terrible moment, in the moment. It only seems appropriate.

As is becoming our game day custom, below are some episode specific clips to warm you up for tonight’s main event. We will be watching, as always, via Google Play the following day, so we’ll catch you on the other side. Enjoy everyone!

Next On Preacher

(Check out the gorgeous tree shot at the beginning, amazing work by production designer Dave Blass)

Episode 5 Sneak Peek

Dork Shelf Episode 5 Exclusive Clip

And lastly, click here for a Fiore and Deblanc exclusive clip from for some reason there is no functionality to embed)