amc-preacher-season-1-ratings-inside-2Going through withdrawal yet Preacher fans? Yeah, me too. Right now things are a little slow, but with the Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD release just around the corner, we’ll have plenty to look forward to come early October. With Season 1 now in the books, we can take the time now to look back and reflect on the impact the show has had, and what that means moving forward. Today, we’ll look at the season ratings…

Well in terms of impact, things are looking pretty good for Jesse Custer and company. According to, Preacher concluded its season ranked the #2 new cable drama for 2016, trailing only “American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson”. You can check out the article below…

Preacher concludes first season as #2 new cable drama for 2016

According to the article, the show averaged 3 million people per episode across everything. I’m not the subject matter expect on these kinds of things, but I believe that includes DVR recordings and possibly online viewing as well. Regardless, those are pretty awesome numbers to start out the franchise with.

Embedded above and to the right is a chart pulled from IMDB, the seasons ratings per episode. These are US viewers only and are the numbers we have been reporting on via the blog and twitter over the course of the season. You can see a dip in towards the middle, then a spike back up as the season concluded. I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone that there has been a lot of talk about the last 2 episodes, there will be good momentum going into Season 2.

I’ve been trying t understand where this leaves the show in the grand scheme of things… how good did Preacher really do comparatively? In order to do that, you need to compare apples with apples. Here’s what AMC’s Breaking Bad (we all know how that show turned out) did it’s first year:

amc-preacher-season-1-ratings-inside-3So we’re definitely in the ball park. If you were to go and check out the Breaking Bad Wikipedia page you’d see that the rise in ratings over its seasons was a slow, steady climb. I’m not going to lie. I am hoping like there’s no tomorrow that Preacher will blow up “Walking Dead” style, but it’s more likely that the show will gradually pick up viewers as it goes about it’s business year after year. There are, after all, only so many “Game of Thrones” out there. Still, we can hope.

We mentioned the Blu-ray/DVD release at the top of the blog post, that will also factor into the Season 2 hype. We’ll be monitoring sales of both video formats and the corresponding social reactions via the blog and Twitter both.

So what do you think Preacher fans? Not too bad for a first season, right? Once Cassidy, Tulip and Jesse get on the road, the craziness that we all know and love can ensue, and the show will surely build on these already solid numbers.

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