amc-preacher-random-musings-1-insideBecause it’s about time we wrote a post like this…

We usually like to tackle one thing at a time here at Welcome To Annville, giving each bit of Preacher news we come across enough words for full treatment. We also like to keep our pieces a certain length to make the quality of reporting consistent from article to article. Still, the there are always many a tidbit here and there that will get pushed aside from week to week simply because either a) I myself have to pick and choose what I write about and might not have time to squeeze a certain news item in, or 2) the news piece might not warrant a full blog entry. In hindsight, omitting such things from our blog may have been an oversight on our part. Why? Because all these types of smaller items together collectively makeup the greater part of significant Preacher community news.

So we’re going to try something a little new today: we’re going to round up all these little tidbits and musings from the past week or so into one post. You are welcome to add to this list by leaving your Preacher specific news in the comments below. Here goes…

  • We’ve received word we’ll be getting our hands on more of those awesome Topps™ Preacher Episode specific cards to giveaway. Simply retweet our Topps specific tweet (you’ll know the one) during the live airing of the show this Sunday to enter to win one of three “Sundowner” limited edition card packs.
  • Speaking of contests… Absolute Preacher has been released, and while it is a pretty awesome product, it comes with a hefty price tag to say the least. Wouldn’t it be sweet to win one? Well, the Preacher vs Preacher podcast is having a contest where the prize will be (you guessed it) a copy of ‘Absolute Preacher’. Details will be announced during their next episode.
  • The Word Podcast gave us an amazing extended shout on their last episode which was super appreciated. This is another great podcast for you to check out, Dan and Steve are a blast to listen to. Check them out here.
  • Preacher composer Dave Porter sat down with Preacher Podcast recently, which is pretty cool considering the music on the show is off the charts. You can access that particular podcast episode here.
  • The final two episodes in Preacher Season 1 have been revealed…

  • We are still looking for contributing writers to help cover as much Preacher news as possible. If you practice the art of writing regularly, write simply because you love it, and dig the show, please contact me at welcometoannville at gmail dot com. We’d love to have you as part of our team!
  • Preacher saw a rise in viewership again this past Sunday. 1.55 million people took in “He Gone”, up from 1.5 million the week before. That trend will surely continue to rise with only 3 episodes left in season one.
  • Cool little piece from Yahoo!: “Which Actor Links “Preacher” To “Game Of Thrones”?
  • The Preacher print this week features the “Cassidy burning outside the church” scene. In the print, Jesse seemingly has his back turned on Cassidy. Is this possibly revealing as to the outcome of this cliffhanger? I mean, I personally wouldn’t have my back turned on someone I was trying to save. You can find our tweet on this here (including photo)
  • San Diego Comic-Con is next week, so be sure to be on the look out for Preacher-related coverage in the days ahead. Comic-Con can be particularly awesome, and often revealing, so we’ll be posting Preacher stuff that comes out of the convention as it surfaces online.

That’s all I got from this past week. Again, I’ve probably missed a ton of things, so please feel free to leave any other recent Preacher related news in the comments below. Be sure to watch for our Episode 8 Preview tomorrow, we’re getting down to the wire now folks!

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