A pretty good interview with AMC Preacher TV Series showrunner Sam Catlin over at SlashFilm.com today where he touches on some interesting points regarding the upcoming season.

AMC Preacher Sam Catlin TV

First point of interest, for me at least, is the pilot length: It’s not short. We can expect an hour and a half first episode on May 22nd. In a laughable turn of events, Catlin then actually apologizes for this, as if we would have an issue with having to sit through more Preacher. If they are running the first episode that long, then that means they are taking the time they need to set things up. This is more than okay with me. We all know how rich Preacher is in terms of story. They are going to need every second they can get their hands on to adapt Garth Ennis’ series to the best of their ability.

There are other points of interest from Catlin in the article including touching on the HBO vs AMC debate, as well as eluding to heaven as part of the shows scope (although it doesn’t look like paradise will be part of the pilot).  I don’t know much about Catlin, but he comes across as a pretty straight shooter in this article who tells it like it is.

Also of note in the article is Ruth Negga making reference to none other than Jesse Custer‘s grandmother. I am sure that she has done her research, read the graphic novels, and knows her stuff, but still, mere mention of this iconic villain is enough to induce hope of her inclusion in the series. I can’t believe that AMC would omit her,  but they are changing pieces around, so who knows for sure what’s down the road. At one point, Negga asks the reporter a question that starts “can you imagine Jesse’s grandmother”, so by the way that sounds, grandma likely won’t be a part of the first season. That’s pure speculation on my part based on how I’m interpreting her words, but if indeed the case we will have to wait to see the dastardly old hag on screen another day. Should they introduce this arc relatively parallel to the graphic novel timeline, she would be showing up somewhere around the beginning of season two I am thinking.