amc-preacher-fiore-deblanc-angels-theory-insideWe learned pretty early on here at Welcome to Annville that Reddit was going to be an amazing AMC Preacher resource. It was there, after all, that we came across a post two months before the pilot airing that suggested Graham McTavish had been potentially cast in the show. That one turned out to be right on the money, and it had been reported no where else save our site once we got wind of it. When it comes to digging for details, uncovering a scoop, or working out an awesome theory, you are not like to find a more likely place for said details to surface than the various Reddit subreddit communities. I mean, there a lot a good places out there that you can go to scratch your Preacher fix… all kinds of media outlets, the official site, social media venues and the like, but the dynamic on Reddit is such that the discussion frequency and depth seem to churn out the ideas and things that everyone else seems to overlook for whatever reason. Sure, the Pajiba piece on how Preacher Season 1 is going to end is an exception, but you get what I mean…

So, another amazing theory has surfaced just recently that has really opened our eyes. It’s well thought out, well researched, and just crazy enough to be actually true. This is a Spoilers post. Please be aware that anything that follows can, and probably will, spoil the comic, the show, more than likely both.

Fair warning right? Cool, here we go…

Check out perhapsaprince’s post on r/preacher regarding who DeBlanc and Fiore really are.

Who they really are? ‘They are angels of course’, is what you are probably saying to yourself. They have admitted as much to Jesse Custer after all. In the diner, remember? They confessed the truth of it. Not to mention the pair are angels in the comic series as well.

But wait…

How possible would it be that Fiore and DeBlanc are actually Genesis’ parents? Fiore the angel father and DeBlanc the demon mother. Crazy, yeah? But if you read the post on r/preacher from top to bottom (its a lengthy, well thought out  post), you will see that there is some serious evidence to support this theory. Here are some of points made in this awesome prediction:

  • The Lullaby that DeBlanc sings to Genesis while trying to remove it from Jesse has the line “so shut your eyes while mother sings”.
  • Fiore and DeBlanc are adamant that no one else knows about Genesis, and that “an agreement was made at the highest levels”. What higher level than parents?
  • DeBlanc tells Jesse “we’re from heaven.” When Fiore opens his mouth to chime in, DeBlanc cuts him off quickly and says “both of us”.
  • Fiore is the only one to ever touch the phone that calls to heaven. DeBlanc sounds pretty snarky when he says you need “angel hands” to use it, and even snarkier when he says that heaven wants “peace.”
  • The theory suggests DeBlanc is the demon. Then why does DeBlanc look like a man? Because they can take whatever form they want one earth as part of their “re-generation”.

The above points really don’t do perhapsaprince’s post justice. There are a ton more that they make in support of the “Fiore and DeBlanc are angel and demon parents” theory on Reddit, so be sure to head on over there and check it out. After you’re done, come back here and let us know what you think in the comments below. Is it a viable theory? Or is there no chance in hell that it’s true?

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