Get Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 10 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 8/02/16

Topps Episode 10 “Call And Response” Cards Sets Now On Sale

Now that’s what I call a season finale folks. Wow! Be sure to watch for our Preacher Episode 10 review in the next few days; we’ll have a lot to say about what transpired in this last episode and where we think the show is heading in Season 2. Believe us, we love where the show is heading!

For the last time this season, Topps is offering their episode specific Preacher cards for a 24 hour period. After that time, they will be unavailable for purchase for good. That means the print run ends, and what ever has been sold is all that exists. So if you haven’t picked up any of these cards up until now, the Season Finale collection would be the ones to grab. They are sure to be a hot collector item down the road! Just click on any of the hyperlinks in this blog post to head on over to the Topps homepage and check it out!

Season Finale Twitter Giveaway

Once again, we held a contest to give away some of these amazing Topps Cards, this time we got our hands on 6 packs to dish out. Randomly selected winners are below…

@pfkennedy6597 (Episode 7 Set)

@tjxboxlive17 (Episode 7 Set)

@onlylinds (Episode 7 Set)

@sketchcards (Episode 8 Set)

@SquealingNerd (Episode 8 Set)

@caledoux (Episode 8 Set)

If your handle is listed above, then congrats! You’ve won a limited edition Preacher Topps cards set. Please send an email to welcometoannville at gmail dot com and we’ll be in touch over shipping of the prizes.


Previously Released Topps Preacher Episode Packs

Get Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 10 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 8/02/16