preacher topps season 1 episode 8 card setGet Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 8 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 7/19/16

Hey Folks, that’s another episode of Preacher come and gone, and man, what an episode it was! As always, Topps is offering their limited edition Preacher episode specific cards sets for the next 24 hours. You can click on any of the embedded links on this page to get your Episode 8 “El Valero” cards now!

Contest Winners Announced

As announced on Twitter, we got a few more Topps Preacher card sets mailed out to us, these ones for Episode 6 “Sundowner”. Our contest-related tweet went out 10 minutes prior to the show airing and we got a truly awesome response, over 80 contest entries were submitted via retweets!

Clearly, the fans love Preacher and Topps alike. It is very possible, giving the level of interest, that we will conduct the exact same contest next week at the exact same time, just with a different episode prize pack (likely with Episode 7 “He Gone” cards). We’re working on it, so stay tuned for more on that throughout the week via our Twitter feed @annvilletx

Randomly selected from a pool of 83 retweets, here are this week’s contest winners:




If one of these is your Twitter handle, then congrats! You have won a Limited Edition Topps Preacher Episode 6 “Sundowner” card set. Be sure to follow us on Twitter if you don’t already and we’ll be in touch soon over shipping of the prizes.

Topps Now – Preacher Episode 8 Card Set

preacher topps episode 8 - whatd you say preacher
preacher topps episode 8 - Want some water
preacher topps episode 8 - Leave it to the professionals
preacher topps episode 8 - fire
preacher topps episode 8 - Guys come on
preacher topps episode 8 - card back number 36

Previously Released Topps Preacher Episode Packs

Get Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 8 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 7/19/16