So I’m probably the only person in the entire world who wasn’t watching The Walking Dead finale last night. I know, I know, I’m a little behind, about three episodes actually, so I’ve been trying to stay away from spoilers as much as possible. Good luck with that. As a matter of fact, there might be a spoiler in this very article and (as I have already mentioned) I haven’t even seen the damn episode… that’s how hard it is these days to stay away from hearing the latest on AMC’s flagship show.

Twitter indeed exploded last night with reaction to The Walking Dead finale. It was everywhere, impossible to escape. And buried amidst of all the talk about Rick, Glenn, Carol and company, was reaction to the new Preacher trailer that aired during the show.

To summarize the fan’s response on the whole, it was overwhelmingly positive. You can check out our twitter feed, we Favorited a lot of them. As you’d expect, the reaction came from a mix of both current comic fans and AMC fans who aren’t familiar with Preacher at all. Everyone’s pumped for it. Well… maybe not everyone.

Below are our favorite reactions to the trailer from Twitter last night. Tell me if you see a common theme forming here…







You gotta love it. The AMC Preacher Arseface is getting loads of attention, and why not?

In addition to these, I came across a particular tweet and I have to tell you, like it better than any of the others I came across last night (yes, even more than Dad inquiring about “Assmouth” up there). Even though the twitter user certainly never intended it, they have done some awesome foreshadowing here. Walking Dead fans who haven’t seen the finale, below is the spoiler I referred to earlier… have a look …


So we’re picking up steam and getting noticed. I loved the trailer immensely, but I still don’t think it has shown unknowing fans exactly what the story is about. When they do find that out, via other trailers or through watching the actual show, its full seam ahead. #AllHellsAComing