Well AMC Preacher fans, there’s something really awesome going down at Preacher Wiki right now that you are probably going to want to get in on, something that will help fill the void left by Preacher Season One ending. Check out this glorious link…

1st Annual Preacher Wiki Community Choice Awards

Now I know what you are thinking, that’s because its the same thing I’m thinking: what are they going to call these epic awards? I purposely have not brought forth the question to TimeShade, Preacher Wiki’s most excellent site runner, so I don’t know if they have plans to brand this thing moving forward, but you gotta figure: they have the Emmys, and the Grammys, r/Fantasy on Reddit has the Stabbys, so why not…. the Preachys? Just sayin’.

Below are the six categories you can vote on, and because of significant advances in technology (okay, not really…), you can do so from this very blog entry. The categories are linked below for you to check out. The overall results will be hidden so as not to influence the voters, but we’ll make our choices below public and you can tell us if you agree or not.

Here we go!

Best Main Character: Eugene Root

This was a close one between Eugene and Tulip O’Hare for me. Ruth Negga absolutely slayed it this season, there is no denying that, but Ian Colletti truly amazed me by bringing something to this iconic character that I had not though possible: complete and total sympathy. Check out my article on Arseface that I wrote before the season started, I was expecting parts of the audience to be completely turned off by the disfigured character. Instead, what we ended up with was the shows most likable character and a performance worth significant recognition. Absolutely outstanding.

Best Main Cast Member: Joseph Gilgun

I would be surprised if this category went any other way. Joe Gilgun is a truly incredible actor and has proven himself over the course of the season, on and off camera, to be one of the funniest dudes on the planet. One of the things I like most about running this site is knowing that I get to watch Joe Gilgun’s Cassidy for an extended period of time. He is the kind of actor and personality you simply look forward to.

Best Episode: Sundowner

For me, this mid-season gem was the best episode among a season with many great installments. The thing I loved most about this episode: the opening and ending scenes were equally unforgettable. This episode wasn’t just crazy, it was Preacher crazy.

Best Supporting Character: Odin Quincannon

He came, he saw, he conquered on the small screen … as we knew he would. There was much celebration among fans when it was announced that Jackie Earle Haley had joined the cast, and for good reason. The guy can flat out act. His portrayal of Odin Quincannon was eerie, creepy, and complex in ways that speak of skill, experience, and natural talent.

Best Supporting Cast Member: Justice Leak

This is a guy who really made a big impression in the limited amount of time he had on screen. I felt, as good as Graham McTavish was, that he stole some moments from their time on screen together. One of the next shows I have cued to binge is “Powers”, and that’s a direct result of Justice Leak’s impressive performance in Preacher.

Best Cold Opening: Finish The Song

Its over six minutes into “Finish The Song” before the opening credits start rolling, and by that time you are just starting to pick your jaw up off the floor. What transpires in the bar with The Saint of Killers is the stuff of legends. I think this category will be a toss up between this episode and “Sundowner”.

So folks, what do you think? Who are your picks for 1st Annual Preacher Wiki Community Choice Awards?

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