amc-preacher-what-lies-ahead-insideWith “South Will Rise Again” set to air this Sunday, we will find ourselves exactly at the half way point of Preacher Season 1 early next week, 5 episodes deep in a 10 episode season. This post, pretty much some thoughts on the state of the show moving forward, will have spoilers for episodes 5 and 6, so please be mindful…

Ill start with the ratings this week: Episode 4 “Monster Swamp” drew 1.14 million viewers. This continues the downward viewership trend as the show battles against the last few episodes of Game of Thrones Season Six. I’m kind of a broken record player on this, but there’s been a lot of talk regarding the amount of time the show is taking to set things up. I will be the first to admit, despite being entertaining, there hasn’t been a ton of action or crazy moments in the last two episodes. Game of Thrones ends this Sunday, so we should see big bumps in viewership starting with Preacher Episode 6 “Sundowner”. I am left wondering if it is possible that AMC took the scheduling situation into account while scripting the show, building the world of Annville top heavy in the first half of the season, and then bringing the thunder in the last half in the absence of stiff competition. Hmmm…

On to the Season One Plot, how’s this thing going to shake out?

  • I have mentioned in my Donnie Schenck spotlight that I thought he would consider Jesse Custer a threat, and I think the latest “Next On Preacher” video on may support this very theory. He mentions to his wife in that particular clip that he knows Jesse has a power and that he has used it not only on himself, but on Odin as well. I think this is going to set up for a showdown between Jesse and Donnie at the end of the season, where we’ll find a desperate Donnie pulling out all the stops to protect Annville and his family from Jesse for good, and paying the ultimate price in the process.
  • I mentioned in our Episode 3 review that a significant casting for “South Will Rise Again” has been revealed via IMDB, the same resource that tipped off Graham McTavish’s involvement in the show. A quick glance shows the same for episode 6 “Sundowner”, check them out (Spoilers remember)…

Episode 5 Casting:


So we’re being introduced to an Archangel in the next episode. I’m assuming she’s coming down from heaven since there’s no way Fiore and DeBlanc are going up there any time soon by the sounds of things. The fact that there are stunts involving this new character suggest there’s going to be some action. At a guess, I see this as a type of superior angel who takes the reigns when Fiore and DeBlanc can’t get the job done. I am wondering who will play the character.

Episode 6 Casting:


For anyone new to the series, these entry’s wont mean much, but to comic fans they will be real eye openers. The McCready Gang, in the comics, are a part of The Cowboy’s storyline, so it looks like they are keeping some of the elements of that particular arc intact. This news will excite fans to no end, The Cowboy’s story is a fan favorite.

A few more tidbits…

  • I have mentioned on Twitter and on the blog that Odin’s part in all this remains completely unclear to me. Jesse using his power on him really threw me off. Whatever happens, we can expect the result to differ from the comic significantly. Comic fan or AMC fan, no one knows what will happen here.
  • Jesse looks like he is on the verge of abusing his power on a more consistent (not to mention unnecessary) basis. I suspect that this will create problems for him with Emily, Tulip and Cassidy as the season winds down with him learning his “lesson” to only use it for good in Episode Ten.
  • Speaking of Tulip and Cassidy, based on last episode, it looks as though they are about to become a lot closer. She now knows what Cassidy is. Once Jesse understands (he still doesn’t seem to take Cassidy seriously), I see this solidifying an element trust among the trio of main characters, taking their relationships to the next level.

It’s looking like a pretty awesome end to Season One is just around the corner. What are your theories on what will happen in the last half of the show?