You can’t just simply buy a camera, hire a few actors, start rolling, and expect to successfully shoot a masterpiece like Preacher. Well, that may be a bit of an understatement, there’s obviously more to it than that, but what can’t be understated is the need to find a good network fit for the show you’re running. Some networks are surely perfect targets for those pitching a hilarious new comedy sitcom, others make more sense if one’s trying to sell a groundbreaking reality TV concept. Similarly, there are only a small handful of networks out there that have the capacity to adapt a property like Preacher, and foremost among those is AMC.

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It’s almost as if I can see the HBO loyalists collectively raising their objections, flailing their arms and slinging profanities. Hold off on those f-bombs, don’t get me wrong. There’s no question that HBO is one of the networks that could potentially do Preacher justice, but I don’t think they are as good a fit as AMC, and here’s a few of reasons why:

AMC knows the formula

We all know they have done the graphic novel adaption thing before, hitting it way out of the park with the cultural phenomenon that is The Walking Dead. I won’t pretend to know what’s involved in putting a show like this together, but I’m assuming there are similar processes to follow and they have even probably learned from the few mistakes they made the first time. They’ve been through this before, they know what works.

Evolving Network

Hard to believe that AMC ordered their first original Drama Series only 9 years ago, that According to Wikipedia. That series was Mad Men. Seriously. Mad Men. Any detractors claiming beginners luck found themselves promptly silenced when Breaking Bad debuted a year later. Throw the Walking Dead into the mix and you have a trio of the most popular shows to air in recent memory.  Since switching to an original programming strategy, the new kid on the block has accomplished quite a lot in a very short time, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to end anytime soon.

Not Afraid to be Ambitious

The people behind the network clearly have vision. As successful as their shows have been, they haven’t exactly been cut from the “what’s popular” mold. Ad executives in the 60’s? A drug dealing science teacher? A mature TV show for adults based on a comic? None of them sure things, but all executed extremely well. A glance at what AMC has on deck reveals a series based on an Artic expedition in the 1800’s. Now that might not sound particularly fascinating, but AMC no doubt has a plan; the chances are solid they’ll make it work.

We have good reason to be excited going into this thing for multiple reasons. AMC Preacher has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?