Here’s a question for ya Preacher fans: How’d you like to have the opportunity to hang out (at a bar no less) with the one and only Saint of Killers? You might not have thought this actually possible, but I’m here to tell you that there’s an awesome one of a kind event being planned for the fall where it can actually happen.

On October 8th at St. Andrew’s Pub in New York, “An Evening With Graham McTavish” will take place. The event will benefit an awesome cause, “Action for Children”, which is a non profit organization that helps every child reach their potential. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at the link below:

Click here for event details and tickets

I have to say that I am not surprised in the least to hear McTavish is giving back by way of an event this awesome. Anyone who follows him on Twitter knows how big his heart (and sense of humor) is, this from the man a few months back…

The event comes with a price tag of $220, but hey, it all goes to a great cause and there are only so many celebrity events out there that are held in intimate settings like this. The event is being put on by Outlander fans, so I’m thinking the theme should lean pretty heavily towards Graham McTavish’s character on that show, Dougal McKenzie, but I’ve been assured they will be welcoming Preacher fans with open arms at the event and that the organizating committee would love to see fans from across Graham’s works in attendance.

All the event details can be found on I have screen capped the evening itinerary below for you to check out.

So what do you think? What better way to spend the off-season, right? You could head on out to the event, have a pint, and let our Saint know exactly how awesome he is!