It’s the early going for us thus far, what, with Welcome to Annville only going live earlier this week, but already the pieces of the greater Preacher TV show community are coming into focus. You don’t have to look around for too long to see that the anticipation for the series is steadily increasing. The fans are pumped, no question. They know what’s coming, and the knowing right now is pretty awesome when you think about it. This feels like the calm before the storm, and when the storm hits (and hit it will), you can expect the masses to jump right in and join us, just like they did for Game of Thrones.Preacher_vs_Preacher_Inside

Do you remember that? When you read the A Song of Ice and Fire books and came to know how amazing George RR Martin’s story was? And because of this, there was that period of time before the series premier when you realized that Game of Thrones would be a massive hit before the general public. That’s where we are with Preacher right now, and it’s a pretty cool place to be. Remember this post in June when your co-workers are all gathered around the water cooler talking about the latest episode on a Monday morning: You were here first.

Speaking of those that were here first (aka “the cool guys in the room”), I came across a killer podcast today. Preacher vs Preacher is a dedicated Preacher podcast with a twist: they are  going to compare and contrast the changes between the comic and AMC’s Preacher TV show after each episode. We all know there’s been a lot of talk about the changes that the showrunners are making, now we’ll have an audio broadcast dedicated to documenting and discussing these changes.

There is one episode up right now, episode zero uploaded last November, that introduces the podcasters and sets the program up, while detailing what to expect from their show moving forward. Having listened earlier,  I can tell you flat out that not only do these guys know their stuff, but their round table is an all around great listen. This isn’t their first rodeo; the podcast is really well put together and has the type of natural flow to it that comes from experience. I’m thinking this is destine to be a go to quality resource for us fans over the course of the TV series. Click the above pic to check it out!