preach-vs-preacher-live-podcast-insideI have to be honest folks, waiting for AMC Preacher episode two is proving to be down right unbearable. After last weeks killer pilot, I am literally craving the next installment, kind of like the way a wilting flower might crave water in Annville on a hot Texas day. The screen caps and previews released by various media outlets for the second episode “See” aren’t helping any. Thing is, I’ve been looking at pilot related media for so long now, that just a glimpse of what’s on deck has flared my impatience something terrible. Hey, I’m not saying I’m being rationale, but it is what it is. You know how it is: so close, yet so damn far away…

Well, if your anything like me (and I do know for a fact there are others out there struggling with the wait), then I have good news friend: despite the fact that we have no new episode airing this weekend, Sunday is still shaping up to be a pretty awesome Preacher-filled day.

For those who haven’t heard, the pilot is re-airing on AMC at 9pm EST this Sunday. This will be followed by the much anticipated debut of the “Talking Preacher” after show featuring Chris Hardwick at 10:30pm. But even before all of that, the Preacher vs Preacher podcast team is going live to air at 7pm on

Now folks, if you haven’t listened to this particular podcast yet, let me be the first to tell you how awesome is it. I know this analogy gets thrown around a lot, but Preacher vs Preacher truly is a show for the fans, by the fans. If you were to go out with your friends to the local pub on a Saturday night and strike up a Preacher conversation over a few beers, your round table discussion would probably end up sounding something like an episode of Preacher vs Preacher. The guys are really chill, know their stuff, and most important of all, are an absolute blast to listen to. The result is the perfect podcast for a show like Preacher. You can check out their podcast archive here.

I’ve asked the guys for a rundown of what to expect Sunday night, check the live to air details below…

  • You can listen to the live at starting at 7pm on Sunday, no login required
  • Signing up for free gets you in on the chat to ask your questions, an easy way to get involved
  • Those who have signed up will get an email alert the second the show goes live
  • The show will probably run an hour and a half, but won’t bleed into the 9pm re-airing of the pilot
  • Stephanie M from the Gotham Lights podcast will be joining the conversation via skype
  • Subject to change, the show agenda will be roughly be as follows:
  • 1) Preacher related news
  • 2) Preacher pilot discussions/clarifications
  • 3) Breakdown of the new directors commentary video posted to
  • 4) Dream casting the show (my choices on this awesome topic can be found here)
  • 5) Series predictions
  • 6) An email, comments, and questions segment

Should be a good time all around, be sure to check it out if your online!